Relying on paper, email, phones, and fax to send and intake referrals and health records?

Bring a digital experience to your patient engagement
with a custom branded Patient Portal to securely deliver files, documents, invoices, payments, and messaging with your patients.

How can a care provider portal help your practice?

We are moving to patient-centric, digitally enabled patient care. Patients expect to have frictionless digital interactions with their care providers.

HealthDoc’s Patient Portal seamlessly integrates with
your EHR and improves the way you engage with your patients while streamlining workflows for you and your admin team.

Connect care providers and patients in a central location for easy information sharing anytime and anywhere.


Patient Portal with your branding
Securely share health records
Share imaging, invoices, labs, etc.
Encrypted messaging
Ensure messages and files are delivered
Intake and questionnaires
Integrations with leading EHRs
Mobile friendly

Security & Encryption

Security is central to HealthDocs. All the data shared between you, HealthDocs, and your patients are transmitted and stored securely with end-to-end encryption.

The industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption protects your data at rest, and SSL protects your documents in transit. All your data is backed up and stored in the region closest to you.


HealthDocs helps you stay compliant with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

Keep audit trails of who accesses your files and when, so you can have full visibility on what is happening with your healthcare data.

Ready to leave a cumbersome email and paper process behind and securely share and communicate with patients with the HealthDocs Patient Portal?

What is a Care Provider Portal?

A care provider portal is cloud-based software that allows for secure interaction between you, your admin team and other care providers. We are moving to a digital-enabled care model and it’s expected by have digital interaction and engagement with other care providers to help improve clinical workflows and save administrators time.

Save time and simplify your patient documents and records workflows with the HealthDocs Patient Portal.